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Feeding America

Feeding America is a private food relief organization. In 2011 it was the largest such organization in the United States. In 2010 it worked with over 200 food banks. In 2017 it was serving 46 million people every year.

Feeding America receives no government funding. All of its funding comes from private donations. However, as of 2011, about a quarter of its donated food comes from the United States Department of Agriculture. Other sources include companies which manufacture food.

Feeding America developed an internal market to solve the problem of resource allocation. Being a large organization, they suffered some problems of central planning. They also did not want a traditional market as it was not optimized for helping the poorest, which is the goal of a charity. As such, the currency in this economy was allocated according to the number of people assisted.

In 2011, according to Vicki B. Escarra, president of Feeding America, the government still plays a much greater role in feeding the needy than private charities.



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