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EcstacyData.org is a website that performs laboratory analysis on psychoactive substances submitted to them, to make the data publicly available for the purpose of harm reduction and research. It was started in 2001. It is a project of the Erowid Center, a popular drug information resource. It has a license from the Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States.


According to its site (as of August 2018), EcstacyData receives funding from three organizations: Erowid Center, Isomer Design, and DanceSafe (which is also in turn affiliated with Erowid). Erowid Center is fully funded by donations. Isomer Design's funding sources are unclear, but they have only funded EcstasyData since 2013. DanceSafe is also funded by donations (according to an article on their site from 2014).


While Erowid describes itself as a "non-judgmental" source on the topic of psychoactive drugs, Project Know, an information resource for those dealing with addition, used EcstacyData as a source for an analysis.




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