Paving For Pizza (Domino's)

In 2018, Domino's Pizza created a program called Paving For Pizza to fund road repair, particularly to fix potholes, in select towns. This is done on the pretense of wanting to avoid pizzas getting shaken up during delivery. In Milford, Delaware, the repairs were conducted by workers supplied by the city government. However, the city agreed to paint a Domino's logo with the phrase "Oh Yes We Did" over the repairs with a stencil supplied by Domino's. (These may also be true for other participating towns.)


Given the logos on the street, this is likely done for the sake of notoriety and advertising. Perhaps there is truth to the pretense of a less bumpy ride and a more reliable pizza delivery, however the benefit would be limited to the relatively few cities they service. CityLab offers an opinion of this program as a common form of publicity stunt.


The program was launched in June 2018. As of January, 2019, it had fixed potholes in 15 states.

In 2018, for example, they repaired 40 potholes across 10 different roads in Milford, Delaware.

As of January, 2019, Miami-Dade had been selected for the next grant.

Another thing worth noting is that the contract for Athens, Georgia (and perhaps others) stipulated a deadline for the repair of its potholes.

Government Involvement

Though Domino's is funding the paving projects, the city governments are still (at least in some cases) the ones conducting the paving. (This may seem to go without saying, but it is not always the case with unconventional pothole repairs). Additionally, the pothole repair contracts (again, at least in some cases) required the government to stencil their logo over the potholes, and promise not to portray them negatively.



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