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The Detroit Bus Company

The Detroit Bus Company is a company founded in Detroit by Andy Didorosi. It was founded in the midst of Detroit's financial troubles that eventually lead to its bankruptcy, which lead to cutbacks in their public transportation system. It started off serving commuters in under-served areas of the city. Eventually it moved on to providing tours of the city and providing free rides to children attending after-school programs.


Didorosi bought his initial bus with $2800 of his own money. Eventually he received $200,000 from the Skillman Foundation (which appears to be privately funded). It appears that the after-school program has been sustained by money from the tour business via their "Ride for Ride" program, though it may be good to check on the financial details.

Government Involvement

The bus company entered into a "Public/private partnership" with Skillman Foundation in regard to its after-school program. Skillman spent $100,000 to develop software to aid in pickups and drop-offs of students. (It's unclear whether this relates to the aforementioned $200,000 from the same organization).

Again, Skillman Foundation appears to be a privately funded, the "public" part of this partnership probably referring to the school district.



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