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Hawk Mountain (Pennsylvania)

Hawk Mountain is a member supported bird sanctuary near Kempton, Pennsylvania. It was started by Rosalie Edge, a suffragette and conservationist. At the time, the state of Pennsylvania was paying a bounty of $5 for each goshawk shot down. With financial help from her zoologist friend William Gibbs Van Name she leased and eventually purchased 1,400 acres of land, officially creating the sanctuary. It was 2,500 acres as of 2018. Thousands of hawks are seen there annually.

Government Involvement

Hawk Mountain receives some government grants. According to their financial statements, the amount of revenue that falls under the category of "grant" (which may include some non-government grants) is relatively small. In FYE 2013, for example, they reported $96,203 in grants compared to $401,960 in membership dues and $229,769 in admissions charges.

However, in late 2013, they were slated to receive $550,000 in grants from the state of Pennsylvania, which does not seem to be reflected in their FYE 2014 financial statement. So the details are unclear. Perhaps it falls under another category within the financial statements.



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