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Edhi Foundation (Pakistan) - Ambulance Service

The Edhi foundation is a volunteer run and funded charity organization in Pakistan. It was started by Abdul Sattar Edhi, a famous religious humanitarian. The Edhi Foundation provides many services for the poor. Among these is the world's largest private fleet of Ambulances.

During his life, Edhi received criticism from religious conservatives, and competition from extremists who have tried to set up charities to promote their violent jihadist organizations. He died at in 2016 at the age of 88, but his organization lives on.


The Edhi Foundation takes a principled stance against accepting assistance from any government:

Edhi Foundation has set many examples, which can’t be traced by other NGOs and trusts actively serving in Pakistan that Edhi believes in the principle of self help, thus he is running all his social welfare driven activities without getting funding from any government or donor agency. It is a fact that Edhi isn’t entertaining even he refuses the concept of support from others. The only donations are entertained from the individuals and few leading businessmen.


Edhi commands the world's largest private ambulance service. According to their website, they command:

Government police protection

Against his wishes, Abdul Sattar Edhi received round-the-clock protection from police because of threats from the Taliban.



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